Your Leads Are Going Cold Before You Get to Them - And Here's What You Can Do


The early bird gets the worm.


It's a common scenario: a potential customer sends an RFQ. It lands in your inbox and sits there... and sits some more. Before you know it, three days have passed before you get back to them. But by then, they've already gone elsewhere, found someone else who could respond faster. This is a big problem for many businesses, but fear not, I've got a solution for you.

Enter the SDR

Many companies have tried hiring Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) as a solution to the problem of cold leads. The role of an SDR is to engage with potential customers quickly, keeping them interested and warming them up for the sales pitch.

In theory, it sounds like a perfect solution. In reality, while it works to some extent, it's not without its challenges. SDRs, like all humans, can sometimes be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of leads, especially in a high-growth business. They may struggle to juggle all these leads, risking some slipping through the cracks.

SDRs don't work around the clock. They need breaks, weekends, holidays, and sleep. This limitation means that if a lead comes in during off-hours, it won't be addressed until the next working day. And with each passing hour, that lead grows colder. In our modern, fast-paced business world where potential customers expect prompt responses, this delay can mean the difference between landing a sale and losing one.

It's clear that while SDRs play a crucial role in lead management, there are inherent challenges that need to be addressed to truly keep your leads warm.

But, What if There's a Better Way?

Instead of battling with the limitations of traditional SDRs, imagine having a supercharged SDR at your disposal, one that's even more efficient and never takes a break. That's where Jackrabbit Ops comes in.

Handling RFQs: Unlike human representatives, Jackrabbit Ops is tirelessly available around the clock. As soon as an RFQ lands in your business system, it is immediately addressed. There are no delays or missed opportunities. 100% of the RFQs made for your business get personalized replies within an hour. This real-time interaction ensures that your potential customers feel valued, heard, and promptly attended to, making them more likely to engage with your business further.

Qualifying Leads: Jackrabbit Ops goes beyond simply responding to leads. It uses AI to assess all leads and identify the customers with a genuine intent to buy. This means you're not just getting more leads, but more importantly, better, more relevant leads. Your sales team can then focus their energies on these high-intent leads, improving your chances of conversion significantly.

Booking Meetings: Jackrabbit Ops also assists in moving leads further down the sales funnel by scheduling meetings. It integrates with your calendar system and automatically sets up meetings with potential customers. This eliminates the tedious back-and-forth often associated with scheduling and ensures that promising leads are quickly converted into sales opportunities.

Jackrabbit Ops is like your best salesperson - only faster, more efficient, and working tirelessly 24/7. So you can focus on closing those deals, knowing that no lead is getting cold before you even get to them.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. But don't just take my word for it. Devon Lio, the Director of Operations at ATG Pharma Inc, says Jackrabbit Ops "saves countless hours... [Jackrabbit Ops] has greatly improved how we implement and standardize activities."

In short, Jackrabbit Ops is like your best salesperson, only faster, more efficient, and at a fraction of the cost. So you can keep your leads warm, focus on closing those deals, and not worry about leads going cold before you even get to them.

Give Jackrabbit Ops a try today. Just click the button below and leave cold leads in the dust.

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