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Tom Belfort from Stratton

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Incoming lead

Zig Ziglar from 6sense

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2 qualifying correspondence


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Booked for 29/5/2023


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“Saves countless hours... [Jackrabbit Ops] has greatly improved how we implement and standardize activities.” - Devon Lio, Director of Operations at ATG Pharma Inc

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Handles RFQs

100% of the RFQs made for your business get personalized replies within an hour.

Qualifies leads

Evaluate all leads and identifies the customers with intent to buy.

Books Meetings

Get prospects booking meetings to close more sales.

Your sales funnel on autopilot at 10% of the cost.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Jackrabbit Ops AI system outperforms a traditional SDR by being available to customers 24/7 with real-time company knowledge, at 10% of the cost.

What's included

  • 3 Sales Rep Access
  • Track all your leads from one place
  • Train AI on your business profile
  • 1000 emails sent or 10 meetings booked

Early Access Pricing

$99/ month

Get access - 2mins

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement.