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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! How can we help?

What are you selling/ what is the product?
We are building an AI that can write your process documentation for you using your recordings. The recording could be as simple as audio of your walking through the process or a screen sharing of you walking through diagrams. We have NOTHING❌ to sell you at the moment it's all free. We are in BETA and just trying to build the perfect product at the moment using your feedback.
How does it work?
Click 'Make a process' on the navbar. The AI will then take your recording and generate complete process documentation, all you will be asked to answer are these 3 simple questions on recording to generate the documentation:
1. What problem does this process solve at your organization?
2. Who is involved in the process?
3. What are the ideal steps to this process?
How does the AI make Process Documentation?
By asking you questions about your process, our system is able to transcribe your recording into the core components of process documentation; purpose, scope, responsibilities, and process diagram.
Why does it take 24 hours?
We are aiming for a few mins to get you back the full documentation in the near future. But the current product is in BETA and our team must review generated documentation to train and perfect the process documentation. The review can take up to 24 hours, but we are getting faster and faster every day.
How do I edit the Process Documentation Created?
The BETA version does not allow for editing the document, we are working hard on training our system. Once launched you will have full access to edit the document. If you want to use the documentation we created for you and would like an edit please email the generated documentation to: info@jackrabbitops.com with the changes required. We can make the edit for you while we are still in BETA.
Can I Print the Generated Documentation?
Yes! We have made the documentation available for download and printing. There are no watermarks on the documentation under the free tier. We believe when you see value in the product; it will be for the service, not the template. If you would like the templates you can download them for free from our blog.
Is it Free Forever?
We are planning to make a free tier plan so most of the services you have now should remain free. Our higher-tier plans will offer a full DMS (document management system) that will allow you to submit more than one recording, view, edit, search, and much more with the best process documentation system on the market
When will the DMS Launch?
We are planning on launching the full DMS (document management system) by the end of 2022! Try out the free version to join our release list and we will send you an invite to one of the first few to use it (might even come with a discount 😉
What is the price of the paid version?
The price of the paid DMS has not been confirmed yet. We are running the beta to gain insight from our customers and make sure the product is as affordability as possible
What Do You Do With My Data?
We do not sell your data or monetize it. We use a secure API to make sure your recording is stored privately and not available to the public. Our service is free at the moment to gain feedback during the BETA, it is not free because we are selling your data. Our privacy policy is available in the footer for your review


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