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How to Make Processes on JackRabbit Ops


Focus on being productive instead of busy.

-Tim Ferriss

If you are reading this, your company has done well, and you have scaled to new employees and employees promoted to new roles. Huge win where you were a year! But with team growth came a decrease in efficiency 😥.

In a perfect world, deligating a task to another person would mean they start killing it like you the second you deligated.

Regradless, we need to mould high performance employees without losing valuable company time. 😎

Your old boss will refer you to his consultant to spend time and money to train your team on processes ✨. Your team will hate it and complain about how they want to do their jobs instead of learning how to make %$#$ing flow charts 🤬. You will presist because 'evidence' shows it will be great once finished. But the consultant will leave, and the truth will sink in.

The truth is traditional process documentation is not read after initial review and distribution because it is boring and continously outdated. The attention span of society has decreased. People perfer media content like video that can be quickly consumed or shared. Then if they need greater detail they would to go into detailed documentation. So spending weeks creating and reviewing 40+ pages is not in the best interest of your company.

Congratuations, I just saved you a consulting fee of about $100K and three quarters of company time wasted! 🥳

Wouldn't it be AMAZING if you could record a video explaining your process and moments later you have highly effective process in both video and documentation? Then click one button to share with your team to watch and read? Then allow your team to do exactly the same thing and share their best practices that turn into process video and documentation for continious improvement?

That is what JackrabbitOps Documentation software does, a simple platform that allows you to create highly effective documentation through video to mould high performance employees within 10 mins.

The system works with three simple steps:

  1. You record yourself answering a few questions for our AI about your process.
  2. Our system analyzes your responses and generates documentation to pair with your prompt.
  3. We email you and your team a link to a completed process documentation for use.

It's that simple! Your team focuses on their tasks and if they want to submit changes to the process, they just talk to our AI and it make the changes as needed.

Magical world we live in, isn't it ? Where work just gets done!

Try JackRabbitOps today, click the button below to make a process ASAP.

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